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Why use Pro Carrier for Air Freight?

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Complete transparency with Horizon

Track your shipment across the airways with our real-time software that provides the data and transparency you need.

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Customs Experts

Our trained and experienced staff are here to help with all manner of customs formalities.

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​UK Export Services

Our experienced export team are on hand to help you with all things export. We offer consolidated as well as back to back services, across the globe.

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One point of call

Your personal account managers are available around the clock via phone, email and live chat should you ever need them.

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Maximum Flexibility

We have access to a vast network of airlines and overseas partners so we can be flexible in a fast paced environment.

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Tailor-made solutions for your cargo

We take your transit time and cost requirements into consideration. Having access to consolidations, back to back, and sea/air services, allows us to offer you a truly tailor made solution, including Multimodal and Intermodal offerings.

Advantages when using Air Freight

At Pro Carrier, we have many advantages that makes our air freight offering competitive. These include;

  • Efficient transport times, with lower risk of long delays
  • Suitable for perishable, time-sensitive products
  • A global partner network providing worldwide reach
  • Access to major airlines offering varying schedules
  • Delivery security through contractually guaranteed capacities with premium airlines throughout the year

Pro Carrier perishable air freight solutions

Perishable goods are time and temperature-sensitive products. They require fast and safe delivery to maintain quality and effectiveness due to a short shelf life and very particular storage requirements. Pro Carrier’s experienced perishable team will ensure your valuable cargo is delivered undamaged and on time.

  • Airside temperature controlled facilities
  • PMC and AKE build and screening facilities
  • 24/7 airfreight operation
  • Middle east & Far east exports for hypermarkets - consolidation services
  • BSA/CPA agreements with all major airlines
  • Salmon export handling (161 boxes per PMC / 43 boxes per AKE)

We get a personal service from Pro Carrier, they are more like part of the team than a service provider.

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Air Freight FAQs

What does Air Freight transport cost?

The cost of air freight transport depends on several factors and must be determined on a case-by-case basis. The distance of the route to be covered, the desired transit time as well as the size and weight of the individual consignment influence the total costs. The gross tonnage and the volume weight are compared, and the higher value is used as the basis for the calculation.

Furthermore, supply and demand on the global market also plays a role in cost calculation.

The cost of air freight transport is dependent on the following parameters:

  • Relation
  • Size and weight of the shipment
  • Nature of the goods / commodity
  • Market situation at different times of the year / peak season
  • Insurance costs
  • Distance travelled / Fuel Costs
Is worldwide delivery possible?

Of course, we organise your transport by air freight worldwide. With our own stations and the help of a strong network of reliable partners, your global delivery by air freight is possible for us.

Is there a minimum quantity for transport by air?

There is no minimum quantity for transport by air freight. However, there are certain flat rates that are more significant in percentage terms for smaller, lighter consignments than heavier ones.

The air freight rate per kg decreases as the shipment’s weight increases in the individual weight classes.

Which goods are best transported by air?

Urgent goods, such as pharmaceuticals and any goods with short expiration periods, for example, fish ,fruit and flowers, are all better suited to air transportation due to its speed and efficiency. High value goods, from technology to engineering parts are all typically transported by air too.

What cannot be transported by air?

Any form of explosives, such as fireworks and detonation fuses are not permitted on air transport, as well as any type of weapon/firearm, including ammunition. Aerosol sprays, and any compressed air/gas in cans are also prohibited to be transported via air due to the high altitude and pressure which could cause harm/damage to the aircraft, the cargo and could pose a risk to the health of the crew.

What is a HAWB (House Air Way Bill)?

A type of Bill of Lading, that is issued by the Freight Forwarder to the shipper after the receipt of the shipment.

Can an entire aircraft be chartered for air transport?

Yes, we offer both full and partial air freight charter solutions for your air freight transport. There is also the possibility of using passenger aircraft converted into freighters.

Together with our partners, it is possible for us to organise such a solution from any airport and make you a tailor-made offer.

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