Identify Patterns with Data at your Fingertips

Horizon makes data analysis easy by collating disparate data sources in one place. Identify patterns, derive insights and forecast up to three months in advance.

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Horizon Captures Every Data Point

Every data point you could wish to analyse is tracked and recorded in Horizon. Get real-time and historical access to Freight data, Shipping tracking, Invoices, Customer forms, Analytics and so much more.

Actionable Insights to Streamline Your Processes

Improving and streamlining your process is key to your ongoing success. Horizon’s data suite makes that easy. Take all of the data points listed above and use our dashboards to create actionable insights you can use to optimise your processes.

Better still, our team can access and analyse your data to spot the weak points in your current setup and work with you to make processes cheaper, faster and more reliable.

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Forecast Up to 3 Months in Advance

Go even further with your data by forecasting what your supply chain will look like up to 90 days in the future. Horizon provides a fully customisable dashboard, allowing you to create any graph or track any KPI so you can make accurate predictions as to what your shipments will look like in the future.

Your Data Stored Forever

For as long as you trust Pro Carrier to handle your freight forwarding, you’ll have access to every single piece of historical data. Customers can access invoices, shipment information and other data points from years in the past, so you’ll never have to worry about accessing data again.

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