Secured Delivery: Benefits For Retailers & High Value Goods

10 May 2024
by Sam Cullen

When transporting high-value goods, you should expect a level of security, care, and attention to detail that doesn’t necessarily come with lower-cost standard shipping solutions.

If you’re looking for a white-glove service that guarantees your items reach their final destination securely, then you need a secured delivery service — one with experience in your industry and an understanding of the intricacies that come with shipping high-value goods.

In this article, we’ll explain what sets a secured delivery service apart from standard shipping options, when secured delivery may be the right choice, what the process looks like, and what to look for in a secured delivery partner.

What is secured delivery?

Secured delivery is a specialist logistics service for high-value items. Rather than shipping them in bulk with other goods, carriers transport these items with a heightened focus on security and confidentiality. In some cases, you can even have them shipped individually.

Typical security measures include:

  • Tamper proof packaging
  • Real-time tracking
  • Confidentiality
  • Authentication procedures

Secured delivery is a more expensive shipping service than standard options. Not every carrier will offer it, either.

That obviously makes it unsuitable for the vast majority of deliveries. But it’s the perfect solution for individuals and businesses who require peace of mind when shipping confidential documents or high-value items.

Why use a secured delivery service?

If you want to ship a confidential or high-value item, there are plenty of reasons for choosing a dedicated secured delivery service rather than risking the security of your items with a standard or next-day service.

The additional security protocols are a significant benefit — and one that can dramatically reduce the chances of your product getting damaged or stolen. As well as the measures discussed above, secured delivery providers may also use secure trucks and vans with a box trailer or anti-slash curtain, specially selected and trained drivers, 24/7 driver contact solutions and secure storage locations in cases where shipments take multiple days.

You can even use secured delivery to enhance your brand experience. Customers who purchase high-value products may expect an exceptional service, including high-end packaging and a memorable unboxing experience. The addition of secured delivery, where they have to provide the carrier with a code or password, adds to that experience.

The use of secured delivery options can also greatly benefit the retailer, reducing the risk of fraudulent lost or stolen item claims, as well as reducing the cost of having to return items to the warehouse or replacing packages. Adopting PIN code or signature requirements on deliveries has been shown to significantly reduce customer service claims and unnecessary costs for retailers.

What does a secured delivery service look like?

The way in which a secured delivery is carried out may differ depending on the final mile carrier that you are using. The term ‘secured delivery’ also sits on a spectrum and can range from the secured delivery of shipping high value goods such as luxury jewellery and alcohol, to securing the delivery is made in order to reduce undeliverables and the costs of returns or lost items. When shipping high value goods that require special delivery enhancements, options such as advanced security vans/trucks, secured storage facilities, regular patrols, video surveillance and fire-proof storage are available and may be necessary.

However, when it comes to using secured delivery methods to benefit the retailer, reducing the cost of returns or replacement, as well as reducing lost or stolen item claims can be achieved using other security measures. Again, this can differ depending on the carrier, but methods such as PIN code requirements, QR codes that are sent to the recipient before delivery and signature verification can all be used to ensure that the item is delivered and accepted. Real-time tracking and regular customer notifications throughout the delivery process are also commonplace now and add an extra layer of reassurance to the customer. Many delivery partners will opt to use photo evidence upon delivery to the correct address, and if the recipient isn’t available, multiple delivery attempts may be made, or the goods may be left in a PUDO delivery locker as a last resort. This still ensures that the recipient will receive the parcel as they will physically have to pick up their parcel from their nearest parcel locker, using a specific PIN or QR code that will release their parcel.

How to Choose the Right Secure Delivery Service for Your Business

While secured delivery is a specialised service, there are still several carriers and logistics partners to choose from. Make the right choice by choosing a courier with the following features:

  • Speed. The faster a delivery is, the more secure it will likely be. Choose carriers with expedited services to keep your goods secure and customer satisfaction levels high.
  • Experience. Carriers with a strong track record of secured deliveries will always be a safe bet.
  • Price. While secured delivery services will cost more than standard shipping, there’s no reason to pay over the odds. Consider working with a carrier-agnostic logistic partner that has relationships with several secured delivery carriers.
  • Security. The level of security you require will depend on the goods you ship. Prioritise carriers with necessary security measures, whether that’s tamper-poof packaging or authentication protocols.
  • Real-time tracking. It’s vital both retailers and recipients know where their goods are in the process, so choose carriers with advanced tracking technology.

Ship high-value goods with Pro Carrier

At Pro Carrier, we partner with several European carriers to provide a fast and reliable secured delivery service. This includes real-time tracking, secure storage, and authentication protocols that require your customers to provide a PIN code when accepting goods.

Find out more about this service or how to protect your goods in transit by speaking to one of our experts.

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