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29 September 2023
by Sam Cullen

Topic of the week – Swiss eCommerce Market

Switzerland is well known for its abundance of lakes and picturesque scenery, famous watchmaking, and local delicacies, but there is so much more, for example its bustling eCommerce market. In 2021 Swiss eCommerce net sales reached $13 billion (USD) with over 73% of Sweden’s population shopping online, and the market continues to grow at an exponential rate. Between 2019 and 2022 the market volume of the top 250 Swiss online stores increased by 72%. But what is fueling such growth? Read on to find out what factors and trends make the Swiss eCommerce market one to look out for.

In a study of Swiss online shoppers, it was found that the top drivers for purchasing online were direct home delivery at 66% of respondents, and around the clock availability at 55%. Other factors that contributed were cheaper prices, larger product range, and an undisturbed shopping process. Online shoppers in Switzerland seem to consist of younger and middle-aged demographics with the majority 70% being aged between 25-54 years old. With this in mind it is no wonder that the top payment methods consist primarily of credit/debit card payments at 51% in popularity with e-wallet options such as PayPal and Apple Pay etc. in second at 20%. So if you are running an online store in Switzerland be sure to offer alternative payment methods and provide e-wallet support.

The majority of online shoppers in Switzerland are buying Electronics and Fashion products bringing in a combined revenue of $6.22 billion (USD). It predicted that by the end of 2023 the fashion market will accrue a total revenue of $3.79 billion (USD) alone, with electronics forecast to bring in $2.43 billion (USD). In fact Swiss customers are most aware of low-priced products within the clothing and luxury product sectors. The share of shoppers who pay attention to low-priced products was highest in the clothing sector at 44% and 36% pay attention to luxury products within the clothing sector. On average the revenue per user within the clothing sector is forecast to reach $800 (USD) by the end of 2023. Such high levels of clothing purchases also means higher levels of returns, especially with the rise of the serial returner. Many consumers order multiple products in a range of sizes or colours and return those that do not make the cut. In Switzerland the clothing sector has the highest return rate at 40%, however a 46% share of respondents answered that they do not return items.

Overall, if you are looking at shipping to Switzerland there are a few things that you need to factor in. Most consumers prefer direct home delivery and to ensure that you are engaging with the Swiss’ broad range of demographics, you should offer alternative payment options and make sure that you have a reliable returns offering in place.

Topic of the week – Swiss eCommerce Market

In other news

Eco-friendly logistics in Norway

DB Schenker are conducting a test with the new Volta Zero truck from Volta Trucks in Norway this month. The electrically powered Volta Zero trucks were unveiled at the opening of their new terminal in Bergen and they will be officially tested this month in DB Schenker’s European terminals, delivering to city centers, in the hopes of bringing forward a more sustainable shipping industry.

eCommerce Expo Awards 2023

Pro Carrier, AEB and Hurricane Modular Commerce Ltd’s partnership and joint service came in third place last night at the eCommerce expo Awards in the ‘Best eCommerce Support Business’ category. A huge well done to all the winners last night and a thank you to everyone involved in organizing and hosting an enjoyable evening!

eCommerce Expo Awards 2023

Deliver Americas 2023

This week the Pro Carrier team exhibited at Deliver Americas in Las Vegas, where they looked to increase Pro Carrier’s visibility in the USA market, as well as meeting up with a range of existing clients and retailers looking to improve their services. It was a pleasure meeting you all and we hope you enjoyed your time at Deliver!

Deliver Americas 2023

eCommerce Market Stats

See some statistics relating to this week’s topics in the eCommerce market below.

Swiss eCommerce market Stats

Consumer attitudes towards online shopping in Switzerland

  • When I plan a major purchase, I always do some research on the internet first - 39%
  • Customer reviews on the internet are very helpful - 35%
  • I want to see an item before I buy it - 26%

Most used online payment brands in Switzerland

  • PayPal - 69%
  • TWINT - 57%
  • Apple Pay - 28%

Most popular purchase categories by revenue (billion USD)

  • Fashion – 3.79
  • Electronics – 2.43
  • Beauty & Health – 2.03

Most frequently used online shops in Switzerland

  • Amazon - 42%
  • - 29%
  • - 28%
  • Zalando - 28%

*All statistics sourced from Statista and eCommerceDB

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