Andway Healthcare X Pro Carrier

13 May 2024
by Sam Cullen

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By Sam Cullen
Published: 13/05/24
Last Edited: 17/05/24

It all started with a cold call...

Take a look at how Andway Healthcare have benefitted from Pro Carrier’s freight based solutions through a streamlined onboarding process, easy shipment booking, fully transparent reporting and excellent customer service. After an initial cold call from our Sales team, Andway were left with a “really personable and down-to-earth impression”, which led to an introductory meeting, where they were impressed by how knowledgeable our Sales team were, instilling their confidence in Pro Carrier.

A Bit of Background

Andway Healthcare has been distributing all types of medical supplies to care homes across the UK for over 15 years now. A vast range of goods from PPE, beds and even a little bit of catering supplies, Andway Healthcare is “a one-stop-shop for care homes.” Working at Andway for 1 ½ years, Purchasing Manager, James, oversees the purchasing and imports within the organisation, as well as the buying of general goods in the UK. Having worked previously within the logistics industry, James’ experience and knowledge meant that when it came to meeting with Pro Carrier he knew what he was looking for in a supply chain solution.

The Issue

“Our previous logistics partner seemed to have flaws in their information and quotes”

Andway’s last logistics provider proved to be more sales focused than anything. As a client, Andway saw that the service they were receiving was based more on making the sale, using Andway’s lack of logistics knowledge to their advantage, leveraging higher shipping rates. A more transactional focus rather than building a relationship with Andway meant that they didn’t seem to understand them as a business and how the organisation worked, providing information and quotes for shipping lanes that they didn’t use. This meant that when it came to justifying import costs at a higher level, it was becoming increasingly difficult.

The Solution

“Onboarding with Pro Carrier was a relatively easy process. A simple customer application form and specifying what service lanes we needed, it was effortless!”

Andway’s logistics pain points were alleviated by Pro Carrier’s top tier customer service, with our Sales team frequently touching base through phone calls or detailed emails, providing industry updates explaining the impacts of recent events or issues. James pointed out that the explanation of quotes and costs provided from Pro Carrier’s customer service team, as well as the understanding of why costs may fluctuate has made it easier to justify shipping costs to Andway’s Sales team or at a Director level.

“It’s those little caveats, that at least Pro Carrier are aware and on top of the situation as well”

Prompt replies and great contact from their Sales representative and the Transport team is something that James values especially. Our team provide regular updates and ETAs as well as any shipment information or delays as soon as they appear to provide a fully transparent service.


“A good hub to get all the information that you need”

Pro Carrier’s all in one supply chain management software, Horizon is available across all of our services, providing real-time shipment tracking, full visibility of reporting and data, customs documentation and more all in one dashboard. James’ experience with Horizon has been “a very useful tool”, especially the daily shipment schedule which covers all shipping aspects consolidated into one report. James said that he “genuinely couldn’t think of anything that I would want that Horizon doesn’t already provide.”

In Short...

“You know what the industry is like and sometimes it can be messy, but whenever it has been, it has never been a mess for us with Pro Carrier. Their process is simple and efficient, there is no hassle and I never have to worry about my shipments. Just give them a go!”

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