Unsurpassed Supply Chain Visibility

Horizon provides the most in-depth shipping reports you’ve ever seen. Track your shipments across the globe, see everything in a single dashboard and get alerts every time your goods pass a delivery milestone.

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Instant Insights from your Dashboard

See a complete overview of your supply chain in a single pane of glass. See what’s booked, what’s on the water, and when everything should arise. Keep track of KPIs using custom graphs and use the data to forecast 90 days in advance.

Optimise Processes with Data Analysis

If your My Shipments dashboard isn’t enough, Horizon makes it easier to dive deeper into your data. You can see a detailed report of each shipment at the click of a button. Take things even further by requesting custom graphs and tables to sit at the top of your dashboard to give you instant access to the analytics you need.

See Your Shipment Status in an Instant

My Shipments organises your shipments by status. See which shipments are pending, which are in transit and which are in port. You can even filter views depending on whether transit is via sea, land or air, or see all of your shipments in one view.

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Historical Data on Demand

My Shipments isn’t just a snapshot of your current logistics. It acts as a record of every shipment you’ve ever made. Use the All tab to see every shipment at a glance and then use the filter feature to narrow down your search. Best of all, every piece of documentation will still be stored indefinitely.

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