Streamlined Invoice Management

Horizon gives you instant access to every invoice for every shipment we’ve arranged, stored indefinitely.

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Payment Information at Your Fingertips

Horizon is a secure and searchable repository of every piece of payment information related to every shipment. Invoices are automatically attached to shipment records and downloadable at your leisure. Alternatively, you can use the platform’s search functionality to quickly find the invoice you need.

See What’s Outstanding With Statements

Horizon’s Statements tab shows you who you owe, how much you owe, and when payment is due. It’s the perfect place to keep track of all your bills and ensure every supplier is paid on time.

Optimise Processes with Customisable Reports

Want to take payment data even further? Turn invoices, outstanding statements and other financial information into one or more customisable reports that can be stored on Horizon’s Reports dashboard. You’ll get an instant overview of all payment data without having to trawl through every invoice.

Secure Digital Storage

When it comes to payment information, data privacy is paramount. That’s why Horizon uses leading technology to keep your information secure. This includes SSL encryption, data encryption, and server authentication.

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