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Our best-in-class support and streamlined processes make onboarding with Pro Carrier easy. We aim to have you up and running in as little as two weeks.

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Get started with Pro Carrier in 6 simple steps

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Setup call

An initial setup call helps us collect all the information we need to kick off the process.

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Integrate with our platform

We offer a one-click integration with almost every major eCommerce platform and a straightforward API or CSV File transfer where we don’t.

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Account approvals

Our operations, finance, IT teams and account managers will start working in the background to get you approved in order to reduce any unforeseen issues once to start shipping.

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Demo and training

We’ll walk you through our customer portal and provide training to all of your team members.

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Systems tests

We run a series of tests prior to launch to make sure everything is set and ready to go.

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Start shipping

Before you know it, we’ll be ready to take care of your cross border shipping, making logistics headaches a thing of the past.

A Dedicated Contact at Every Stage of the Journey

You’ll have a dedicated point of contact at every stage of your onboarding journey, from the initial sales consultation all the way through to launch. We’ll then set you up with an account manager who will offer ongoing support and advice for as long as we work together.

Customer Portal Setup, Demo and Training

One of the big benefits of working with Pro Carrier is having access to all of your shipping data from first to final mile carrier within our customer portal. It’s incredibly intuitive allowing you to set up bespoke e-mail notification while still providing full support and training to all your staff to help them succeed.

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