Linnworks shipping integration with Pro Carrier

Integrate your Linnworks account with Pro Carrier to start shipping internationally with ease. Get started using the best Linnworks shipping extension today.

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Ship internationally on Linnworks with Pro Carrier

Make your Linnworks shipping and fulfilment solution even more powerful by integrating with Pro Carrier. Our custom extension gives you access to your global delivery network of final-mile partners, complete with low rates and dozens of shipping options. With Pro Carrier and Linnworks, it’s never been easier to sell across borders.

Manage everything from your Linnworks dashboard

Once you have integrated your Linnworks and Pro Carrier accounts, you’ll be able to manage your entire international delivery process from your Linnworks dashboard. Select which orders to fulfill, choose a final mile courier and print labels.

We run a daily courier service so you can promise fast shipments to customers. And because we manage our own line haul, you can continue to make changes even after collection.

Shipping internationally with Linnworks couldn’t be easier

  • Download the Pro Carrier shipping integration
  • Enter your API key and customs information
  • Start shipping to over 200 countries and territories

With Pro Carrier’s Linnworks Shipping Integration, you will be able to…

​Track all your parcels

Our customer portal allows you select each order you wish to fulfil and track each parcel at every step of it’s journey.

​One label

Forget about printing a different label for every carrier. Print and attach one label, regardless of where you’re shipping, and we’ll do the rest.

​Local languages

There’s no risk of communication barriers. All customer notifications happen in their local language, regardless of the market.

​Customer portal

Reduce undeliverables by managing orders on the fly. Our customer portal provides complete visibility into your shipments and lets you track and edit orders in real-time.

Managed line haul

Managing our own line haul delivers serious benefits. Change pickup times to ship more parcels and watch your shipments fly through customs thanks to our existing network.

Carrier Network

Our carrier agonistic approach means we can deliver to 200+ countries and territories using the most cost-effective and efficient option for your shipment.

Friendly customer support, every step of the journey

Our friendly, dedicated team will be with you at every step of the process. From the initial onboarding and setup right through to helping you improve your offering and scale your business. We’re here with you, all the way.

Speak to our onboarding team about Linnworks integration
Speak to our onboarding team about Linnworks integration

Talk to us about Linnworks shipping integration

Find out more about Linnworks shipping & postage integration with Pro Carrier by speaking to a member of our team by phone or email.

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Linnworks Integration FAQs

What is the Pro Carrier Linnworks extension?

The Linnworks Pro Carrier extension is a private application connecting your Pro Carrier account with your Linnworks dashboard. Once connected, you’ll be able to choose fulfillment options and print labels directly from Linnworks.

How do you set up international shipping on Linnworks?

Selling internationally using Linnworks is as easy as adding a new shipping integration and connecting your Pro Carrier account. Please use the website’s contact form to request a consultation if you don’t already have a Pro Carrier account.

How long does it take to integrate the Linnworks app?

Integrating Linnworks and Pro Carrier usually takes just one day.

How do you handle customs through the Linnworks extension app?

Integrate Pro Carrier and Linnworks and you’ll never have to worry about customs paperwork ever again. Our extension ensures that all paperwork is automatically sent to our final mile delivery partners every time your customers place an order

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