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In 2019 DG International took on the exciting opportunity to develop the International delivery capability for Yodel, the subsequent result of which was the birth of Pro Carrier. DG International’s successful background in managing freight has been critical in helping Pro Carrier develop its end to end delivery channels.

The development of Pro Carrier has been an exciting opportunity to take a completely new approach to supporting ecommerce retailers in their cross border delivery. Our first step was to recruit a fantastic new team, not only to drive best practice, but to build a team of experienced industry professionals who fully understand the market and can bring their wealth of experience to help build a new and exciting opportunity.

In addition to this experience, Pro Carrier has also reviewed the various technical tools available to make sure that its IT proposition is smart, flexible, and intuitive – the purpose, to empower the Pro Carrier system to provide easy, effective and scalable access to the global network of partners that Pro Carrier works with.

The guiding principle of our Pro Carrier proposition is to allow our clients to find sending parcels cross border as simple as sending parcels within the UK. In offering a range of global delivery options, supported by a choice of final mile delivery partners, and backed up by smart and intuitive IT solutions, Pro Carrier has taken a fresh look at how we can support our clients to achieve cross border growth simply and effectively.

The growth of ecommerce retail, plus the new challenges that we face every day, means  Pro Carrier will never stop evolving and developing. Being flexible, adaptable and technologically smart are the cornerstones of our success today, evolving and embracing change will be the cornerstones of our success in the future.

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