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Pro Carrier Client Support

The Pro Carrier client support team is in place to provide support with parcel chases, parcel status updates and general enquires. Your queries can be managed in one of two ways, either via the Pro Carrier platform or direct via email:

The Pro Carrier platform can also be used to access useful reports and insights into what is happening with all of your parcels.


Tips to Ready Your Shipping Operations for Black Friday

These tips are provided by Mark Jackson, Pro Carrier — Head of Client Support. Mark is our foremost expert in ecommerce shipping, and has provided five ideas to ensure you best positioned to handle the additional order volume over Black Friday – Cyber Monday.

Manage Expectations

Communicate and liaise with your carrier partner to get their updated transit times. Ensure you have the correct stock levels and, if necessary, update your returns policy to better manage customer expectations.

Speak to your carriers

We recommend communicating with your carriers and suppliers, providing them with accurate and reliable forecasting information.

Check your IT capacity can cope with the peak

Check your servers and IT infrastructure can cope with the anticipated rise in demand and that your warehouse operations and procedures are sound.

Check your operations meet the demand your promotions will place on them

If you are running a promotion give the company enough time to cope with the resulting demand. This can be done by making sure you have the correct resources, stock levels, and packaging in place to cope with any online orders.


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