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EORI number requirement

UK businesses sending goods overseas must be registered for EORI.

So what is an EORI number and why are they so important?

EORI, or to give it its full title ‘European Operators Registration Identification’, is a unique ID code  used to track and register customs information and is a requirement for businesses involved in cross border commerce and ecommerce delivery.

Its purpose is to make cross border clearance more efficient and secure. By not having an EORI number you face the risks of customs delays, storage costs or at worst may not be able to ship at all.

If you are registering with the new simplified procedure for importing in to the EU, which comes into place after July 1st 2021, known as Import One Stop Shop (IOSS), then the IOSS number provided will suffice.

We will be asking our clients to provide their EORI or IOSS number within their shipping data that they transmit to us so we can ensure a smooth export and import process.

Here is a handy link to find out more about what EORI is all about, and offers help in how to apply for one –

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