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HS classification codes, also referred to as tariff codes, are an essential piece to the puzzle when it comes to shipping overseas. Mandatory for commercial customs clearance and increasingly being requested by postal authorities, the HS code is a unique code allocated to products and is used to determine duty and tax rates.

The provision of a HS code is a mandatory requirement when using Pro Carrier Plus, Pro Carrier PUDO and Pro Carrier Express.

If we receive data that does not contain an HS code then our system will endeavour to provide as accurate an HS classification as possible.  To do this, Pro Carrier run a check against the description of goods provided, which is why supplying an accurate description to us is essential.

If the system cannot determine an HS classification, we will work with you to try and resolve the classification. It is always our aim to ensure we move your parcels as efficiently as possible and in the most timely manner. Using an accurate HS code will allow us to do that whilst at the same time ensuring that any VAT and duty liabilities will be correctly calculated.

Should you need us to classify your products, Pro Carrier is able to assist with this. Simply provide us with your product list and the associated SKU list along with a clear description of the products and we can pre classify your inventory. This will give you the ability to provide the HS code when passing us your data.

Please feel free to contact us to see how we can assist.

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High speed volume data checking & matching service

Artificial Intelligence that performs classifications by the recognition of commodities containing acceptable product descriptions

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Identify invalid data

Our API also identifies any invalid descriptions and will return a status code for each consignment

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Customs Clearance

Data is classified at point of sale, ready for customs

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Pro Carrier Integrated Shipping Platform

One single integration

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