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Pro Carrier’s Duty & Tax solution provides real time calculation of the duties & taxes.

The engine will calculate the Duty Rate, Tax Rate, Duty Payable and the Tax Payable, all in the currency of the shipping or receiving country.

Pro Carrier’s API call is in real-time and provides immediate output. Our API also identifies any invalid descriptions and will return a status code for each consignment including a provision of the most likely HS6 code, product description, 8-digit export code and 10-digit import code.

The introduction of new regulations such as ICS2 and The STOP Act in the US means accurate and valid data is a must have for any cross border transaction. Not supplying the correct data can lead to parcels being seized, destroyed, or returned at the cost of the sender.

This seamless technology allows Pro Carrier to provide you with a full landed cost proposition. 


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Full landed cost proposition

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Pro Carrier Integrated Shipping Platform

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