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Pro Carrier Denied Parties Screening

Pro Carrier Denied Parties Screening API has access to the global denied parties lists. This includes organisations such as the United Nations and European Union and individual countries such as the United States and Singapore. Lists held are checked daily for updates.

Covering 190 different countries, there are some countries that decide not to have their own individual list but rely on the United Nations list coverage.

Denied Parties screening has become a hot topic with record fines being handed out, particularly in the USA. Now more than ever, checking the data before shipping is vital as it could have a major impact on your business if found to be shipping to restricted parties.

Pro Carrier Denied Parties Screening API works in real time, identifying people or entities with whom it is not permitted to engage in certain transactions such as sending products or goods.

What is a denied party?

Denied Parties are specific individuals or entities that have been denied shipping privileges by government agencies because they are involved in or have been involved in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, money laundering or terrorism. Any transactions with someone on this list that would violate the terms of its denial order are limited or even prohibited. It is important to note we are not talking about Country-based sanctions where the sanctions apply to the country/territory as a whole and not specific individuals.

We will screen every shipment we are sending overseas to ensure we are not shipping to an individual who has been added to the nearly 100 Denied Party lists that we are screening against. To help with this screening process it is very important that we are provided with the full name of the consignee within the data you provide to us. In doing so, you will reduce the amount of checks we have to carry out, therefore reducing delays in processing your parcels, and ultimately reducing costs.

If we do receive data that contains incomplete consignee details then we will flag this up with you and  hold the shipment whilst we request the full contact details and any other useful information for the consignee. Once we confirm the recipient it OK to ship to, we will release and send the parcel on its way. If this process can not be completed for any reason we will return the parcel to you.

Should you have any further questions around Denied Parties please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Almost 100 global Denied Party lists, including EU, UN & OFAC

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