Sail through Customs with our Validation and Screening

Say goodbye to costly errors and expensive delays. Our validation and screening tools identify and fix issues before your shipments get caught up in red tape.

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HS Code Classification

HS classification codes or tariff codes are becoming non-negotiable, that’s why we use them as standard. If your shipment doesn’t contain an HS code our system automatically provides the most accurate classification.

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Data checking & matching service

Our AI performs classifications checks and fixes errors.

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Identify invalid data

Our API identifies invalid descriptions and returns a status code.

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Customs Clearance

Data is classified at the point of sale, ready for customs

Duty Tax Calculator

Any delay in duty or tax calculation at the point of checkout can kill the user experience. That’s why our API works in real-time to instantly serve an accurate calculation of the duty rate, tax rate, duty payable and tax payable, all in local currencies, as soon as your customer clicks purchase.

  • Multiple currencies accepted
  • Full landed cost proposition
  • Real-time output
  • Integrated into checkout

Restricted and Prohibited Goods

We stay on top of regulations so you don’t have to. Our restricted and prohibited goods solution analyses your data and checks shipments against individual country requirements to ensure no restricted or prohibited items are being sent.

  • Check-in advance using our customer portal
  • Constantly updated with new regulations
  • Real-time analysis to avoid fines.

Denied Parties

We automatically screen every shipment against almost 100 denied party lists to ensure you’re not shipping to people or entities with whom you’re not permitted to engage. If flagged, we hold shipments to confirm the correct details with you before continuing the journey.

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