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A Guide to the USA

USA by numbers

  • Population circa 331m
  • 88% internet usage
  • 65% population between ages of 15 and 54
  • By 2021 15% of all retail sales are expected to be made online
  • 70% of consumers have shopped online at least once in the last 12 months
  • In 2020 ecommerce turnover was expected to be $710bn

Most purchased online

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Books, Movies, music and games

USA delivery proposition

  • 3 import gateways into the USA
  • 100% country coverage
  • Max weight per parcel: 11kg
  • Max dimensions: Max one side 68cm, L+H+W cannot exceed 154cm, max G (L+2W+2H) 127cm

Customs clearance guidelines


Customs de minimis: $800  – Parcels exceeding that value will require an informal entry.

Orders that exceed $2,500 will require formal entry

Good descriptions and HS codes required

When informal or a formal entry is required, we must provide customs with the following:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Instruction whether to treat as DDU or DDP
  • Customer email address. Customs will contact the consignee before clearing and forwarding on for final mile delivery

Data Importance for customs clearance

In the event that poor/vague  descriptions or incomplete data is sent, the items run the risk of  being held by USA Customs for inspection. In this event a copy of the Commercial Invoice will be required with full product details. This we then send to Customs, and if approved the parcel will be cleared and  forwarded for final mile delivery  with no additional costs.

Good description examples

  • Men’s super hoodie navy M
  • Vinyl wall sticker decoration
  • Bags and accessories, bags of textile

Bad description examples

  • Item or goods
  • Women’s clothing

FDA inspection

Parcel data sent containing  any natural products as part  of the description, if Customs  believe there is a need for an FDA registration, will result in goods being held. Typically, any description that indicates the product has to be ingested or applied to the body will require FDA registration

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